Conversation #7: To Coffee, or Not to Coffee

Hello everyone!

Today’s English conversation is about the Prima Ballerina of my life :). I hope you will enjoy reading the conversation and learning some smart English expressions you could use to improve your writing.

Ready? Let’s start!

L: You drank coffee for the nth time this morning!

M: Coffee is the Prima Ballerina of my life. I wouldn’t behave with proper decorum if I don’t take it.

L: Ow please. Come on! Why do you adulate coffee that much?!

M: I have always liked coffee. The exigencies of life push me to drink a lot of it.

L: The exigencies of life have always existed since the dawn of recorded time and coffee isn’t the panacea for them.

M: True, but if I don’t take it, you will really have to face a serious cris de Coeur!

L: Poor you. I used to be like that in years gone by but coffee now has been in my danger list for some time.

M: Why have you stopped?!

L: Coffee can cause a long list of infirmities.

M: I rather not know more, because I do not intend to stop it and I definitely don’t want it on my critical list.


For the nth timeThis is used to describe the most recent thing in a series of repeated things especially when you don’t remember how many they are.
Prima Ballerina of my lifePrima Ballerina is the most important female dancer in a ballet company. In this case, it means that coffee is the most important thing in his life.
Behave with proper decorumBehave in a calm and polite way.
Adulate coffeeTo adulate something or someone is to praise them a lot especially when they do not deserve to be praised.
The exigencies of lifeThe difficulties of life that require urgent actions.
Since the dawn of recorded timeSince the beginning of time. This is a nice expression to mean since a very long time.
The Panacea Something that will solve all problems and cure all illnesses.
Serious cris de CoeurCri de Coeur or cris de Coeur refers to a passionate protest, request or appeal from someone.
Years gone byOld days.
Danger listIf you are on or off the danger list, you are expected or not expected to live long because of a certain illness. Danger list in this conversation refers to things you do not want to have.
Critical List The same meaning as in danger list.



Witty Advice:

The bulk of students correct their sentences while writing. Writing and correcting are two different tasks and must not be done in tandem. Remember that you task is to come up with ideas and if you stop every time to correct yourself, you are committing an act of sabotage! Write, and correct your writing only once you are done.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s conversation. More importantly, we hope you have learned some good expressions and understood their meaning and usage. To ensure you do not forget any of the aforementioned expressions, write 5 sentences using any of the expressions in this conversation. Post the sentences in the comment section of the blog so we can all learn from each other. I will also review and offer suggestions on how to improve them.

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