Conversation#3 – Difficulties Reading!

Difficulties reading

L: I do not know why I face insurmountable difficulties when reading!

M: Do you mean you find it hard to read books?

L: Yes! I even start to think that reading is my Achilles Heel!

M: Relax. Let us tackle the wellspring of the challenge. Can you tell me what do you find difficult exactly?

L: Reading itself is difficult.

M: The truth is otherwise. Reading is meant to be enjoyable and should add more to your knowledge loam. What you are missing is addressing the lacuna of the problem.

L: What do you mean?

M: You do not have an issue with reading; you have a problem while reading, but you cannot find it with pinpoint accuracy.

L: What should I do?

M: Do not worry. The onus is on me to find the solution. Let’s start with few questions. What books do you read?

L: The last book I have read was about Internet Marketing.

M: Great! I did not know you luxuriate in reading about Internet Marketing!

L: I actually do not. I like other types of books.

M: There you are! If you want to find reading easy and enjoyable, you need to read about something that actually interests you!

L: Got it! You are right! That has just dawned on me and I think I have found the cradle of the problem!

Insurmountable difficulties Great difficulties that are hard to deal with successfully
Achilles HeelA problem or weakness in a person or system that will cause failure. For example, math was my Achilles Heel at high school
The Wellspring of the challenge The source of the challenge
The truth is otherwise The truth is different
Knowledge loam Loam is a high quality earth mixed with sand, clay and other decaying material. Knowledge loam basically refers to the richness of the knowledge (rich knowledge). You can also use it to mean other things like: leadership loam
Addressing the Lacuna The lacuna is an absent part of something (especially a book). Here it refers to the absent thing that once you know it, it will give a better idea of the problem
Pinpoint accuracy To pinpoint means to find the exact position of something. To find something with pinpoint 100% accuracy is to locate its exact position
The onus is on meThe responsibility is on me.
To luxuriate in somethingTo enjoy or have a great pleasure doing it
Dawned on me If something dawns on you, you realize or understand it after a period of not realizing or understanding it.
The cradle of the problem The source of the problem


MouhcineWitty Advice:

The generality of students memorizes single words when learning new vocabulary. This is counter-productive, as this method does not allow them to learn effectively. If you want to learn new words and still remember them in the course of time, you have to memorize the expression or the sentence the word comes in. This will make learning and remembering words within the realms of possibility.


We hope you have enjoyed today’s conversation. More importantly, we hope you have learned some good expressions and understood their meaning and usage. To ensure you do not forget any of the aforementioned expressions, write 5 sentences using any of the expressions in this conversation. Post the sentences in the comment section of the blog so we can all learn from each other. I will also review and offer suggestions on how to improve them.

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