Conversation#5 – Happiness & Depression

sad and happy faces

L: More often than not, I happen to oscillate between happiness and depression.

M: Isn’t that part of our part of our quotidian existence?

L: Yes, I know. But I also want to be happy all the time or at least reduce the militancy of my depression!

M: Do you suffer from clinical depression?

L: No! I just feel sad from time to time for no reasons.

M: Then I do not think that’s depression. The latter is a mental illness! What you feel is just fleeting moments of sadness and you just need to find their whereabouts.

L: OK. Do you have the elixir of these fleeting moments of sadness?

M: Yes, look at them with rose-tinted glasses.

L: What does that mean?

M: Sadness is very important and is key to happiness. When you ponder deeply, you realize that without sadness, no one would know nor feel happiness.

L: I see what you mean and I totally agree with you.

M: Thank you. No need to apply any austerity measures on your sadness then.

L: For sure!


More often than notMost of the time.
Oscillate betweenOscillating between feelings refers to changing from one to the other.
Part of our quotidian existenceQuotidian means ordinary. If something is part of our quotidian existence, it if normal and ordinary. The Internet is part of our quotidian existence.
Reduce the militancy If someone to something shoes militancy, it has strong will and determination that is often characterized by the use of force. If you reduce the militancy of something, you make that force lesser.
Clinical depression Mental illness that causes loss of hope, appetite, feeling of sadness and sometimes, physical pain that you cannot explain.
Fleeting moments Short and quick moments.
Whereabouts The place something or someone is.
The elixir of something I am sure you have seen this before in cartoons. The elixir is a liquid that has a magical power to heal or cure something or give long life. Here it has been used to refer to the best solution that will help in this situation.
Look with rose-tinted glasses When you look at something with rose-tinted glasses, you tend to see the benefits and advantages of it while ignoring the disadvantages.
Ponder Deeply Think carefully about something.
Austerity measuresThis is what governments implement when the economy is facing difficulties. It is about reducing the amount of money spent by reducing the unnecessary things. If you lose your job, you apply austerity measures in order to save more money until you find another one.



Witty Advice:

The bulk of students correct their sentences while writing. Writing and correcting are two different tasks and must not be done in tandem. Remember that you task is to come up with ideas and if you stop every time to correct yourself, you are committing an act of sabotage! Write, and correct your writing only once you are done.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s conversation. More importantly, we hope you have learned some good expressions and understood their meaning and usage. To ensure you do not forget any of the aforementioned expressions, write 5 sentences using any of the expressions in this conversation. Post the sentences in the comment section of the blog so we can all learn from each other. I will also review and offer suggestions on how to improve them.

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  • Than

    June 23, 2016

    Great conversations! I love your phrases and expressions. Please continue to write more of them!
    Thank you.

  • Lisa

    July 8, 2016

    I like the the expression austerity measures. I am going to try to practice here:

    – My government is applying austerity measures to make sure the country survives the recession successfully.

    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you

  • Mouhcine

    July 9, 2016

    Hello Than,
    Thank you for the comment!
    I am happy you like the phrases and rest assured that I will continue to write more.
    Mouhcine recently posted…Conversation#2 – Billions in ChangeMy Profile


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