Conversation#6 – Opening a Bank Account


Today’s English conversation is about an experience I have had so much difficulties with. I hope you will enjoy reading the conversation and learning some smart English expressions you could use to improve your writing.

Ready? Let’s start!

piggy bank



L: I tried to open a bank account today but faced insurmountable difficulties.

M: Why is that?! Opening a bank account does not seem to be a will-o’-the-wisp!

L: I got caught in needless bureaucracy, as there was only one person who could sign the approval. I don’t think they share the power on the shop floor.

M: I think that’s a discernible problem. A lot of employees lack the discretionary powers to decide on trivial matters.

L: Not just that, they also required an exorbitant amount to be deposited and that’s not encouraging clients to use their services by any stretch of imagination.

M: Exactly, it can have a pernicious effect as it might blacken the reputation of the bank.

L: Agree! Having a spotless reputation isn’t a random happenstance; it requires a lot discernible effort and great customer service.

M: I feel the bank is somehow prodigal with its reputation. They do not realize how important it is for building sustainable success.

L: Definitely. I don’t think they will withstand the test of time.

M: I have the same feeling.


Insurmountable difficultiesGreat problems that cannot be dealt with.
Will-o’-the-wispSomething impossible to get to achieve.
Needless bureaucracyExcessively complicated systems and administrative procedure that is not actually needed.
Share the power on the shop floor If you share something on the shop floor, you share it with the ordinary workers and employees.
Discernible problemA problem that is able to be seen and is obvious or understood.
Discretionary powersIf you have the discretionary powers, you would decide yourself based on each situation and not based on rules.
Trivial matters Small and not important matters.
An exorbitant amountBig amount or a very high price.
Any stretch of imaginationVery difficult to believe or accept even when you try hard.
Pernicious effectVery harmful effect or influence.
Blacken the reputation To blacken is to make something black. When you blacken your reputation, you make it bad and your harm it.
Random happenstanceHappenstance is a chance situation that is often producing good result. Random happenstance is a chance situation that happens randomly and produces good outcomes.
Discernible effortAn effort that can be seen.
Prodigal withProdigal refers to spending a lot of money without thinking about the future. In here, it means blackening your reputation without thinking about the results.
Withstand the test of timeTo withstand is to be strong enough not to change by something or someone. If something does not withstand the test of time, it will become weaker as the time passes.
Spotless ReputationVery clean and very reputable.



Witty Advice:

The bulk of students correct their sentences while writing. Writing and correcting are two different tasks and must not be done in tandem. Remember that you task is to come up with ideas and if you stop every time to correct yourself, you are committing an act of sabotage! Write, and correct your writing only once you are done.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s conversation. More importantly, we hope you have learned some good expressions and understood their meaning and usage. To ensure you do not forget any of the aforementioned expressions, write 5 sentences using any of the expressions in this conversation. Post the sentences in the comment section of the blog so we can all learn from each other. I will also review and offer suggestions on how to improve them.

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