Conversation# 1 – Do Schools Kill Creativity?


L: Have you seen Sir Ken Robinson’s speech do schools kill creativity on YouTube?

M: Yes, I have. I think it is very interesting.

L: Yeah, totally. It is one of the most interesting speeches I have ever seen. He is certainly well-versed in modern education and a mine of information and pioneering ideas.

M: Well, that’s unquestionably true. To be honest with you, I thought he was a stand-up comedian at the outset.

L: Yeah, he has got a great sense of humour and that what made his speech more interesting actually.

M: Yeah, not just that, but also the whole idea of schools being the main culprit behind the lack of creativity. The generality of people would be shocked to know that, because when we take kids to school, we expect them to be more creative and more intelligent in the course of time. Nobody would imagine that taking them to school might be counter-productive.

L: Yeah, I see. But anyone with a modicum of common sense would see that kids do benefit from going to schools. They learn how to read, write, etc. But that happens at the expense of creativity, I think. So what we really need is an educational system that does not ignore both creativity and literacy.

M: Right. That would happen when pigs fly.

L: No, don’t be pessimistic. I personally think it is within the realms of possibility.

M: Yes, I know. I just said it in jest.

L: Yeah. I think teachers and schools in general will have to put a lot of effort if they are to improve the quality of education.

M: Yeah, if you want to improve something, you will have to make an effort, it just goes with the territory, right?

L: Absolutely. Effort is just the be-all and end-all.


Well-versed If you are well-versed in something, you know a lot about it.
Unquestionably true This means that there is no doubt about it.
A mine of informationThis refers to someone who has a lot of knowledge.
At the outset At the beginning.
A mine of pioneering ideas Pioneering ideas are ideas that have never been used before. A mine of pioneering ideas in this context refers to a person who is a source of new ideas.
The main culprit A culprit is someone who has done a something wrong or illegal. In this context, it means the responsible for something.
The generality Most.
Counter-productive If something is counter-productive, it tends to hinder rather than help you.
In the course of time After a period of time.
A modicum of A modicum of common sense means a small amount of common sense.
At the expense of If you do something at the expense of something else, you do that thing and you lose the other. For example, some students spend a lot of time with their friends at the expense of their study time.
When pigs fly Or ‘pigs might fly’ is an expression used when you think that there is no chance of something happening.
Within the realms of possibility Possible.
In jest If you say something in jest, you are just joking and not serious.
Goes with the territory If something goes with the territory it is to be expected. For example, if you want to improve your speaking skills, you need to listen to a lot of English. It just goes with the territory.
The be-all and end-all The most important thing.


MouhcineWitty Advice:

The generality of students memorizes single words when learning new vocabulary. This is counter-productive, as this method does not allow them to learn effectively. If you want to learn new words and still remember them in the course of time, you have to memorize the expression or the sentence the word comes in. This will make learning and remembering words within the realms of possibility.


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