Conversation#4 – Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and Weaknesses

L: Do you dwell on your weaknesses?

M: I am aware of them but I never expatiate upon them that much. Why?

L: Nothing. I just feel frustrated whenever I think about them.

M: Have you ever thought about your strengths as well?

L: No.

M: See? Generally, the hyperbole surrounding weaknesses is exaggerated.

L: What do you mean?

M: The bulk of people tend to cast eyes over their weaknesses and are completely oblivious to their strengths.

L: Well, I agree.

M: Focusing on weaknesses does help weather them in the course of time. On the other hand, showing laxity towards your strengths is indeed an act of sabotage as it prevents you from building on them.

L: How is that?

M: Strengths do not have a long lifespan if they are not developed. They require utmost efforts to develop otherwise they are destined to ebb.

L: So you suggest that I develop my strengths the same way I work on my weaknesses?

M: Exactly! This must be a parallel process and the efforts must be in tandem.

L: I couldn’t agree more! It is the time is nigh for me to apply an uncompromising militancy in order to stop dwelling on my weaknesses.

M: Great! And do not worry, this issue is pandemic and we all suffer from it.


Dwell onTo dwell on something means to keep thinking about it especially when it is bad or negative.
Expatiate uponIf you expatiate upon something, you speak or write about it in detail for a long time.
Hyperbole surrounding Hyperbole refers to the way you speak that makes something look or sound bigger than it is.
The bulk Most.
Cast eyes over somethingTo cast or run an eye over something refers to looking at it in order to give an opinion about it.
Completely oblivious to Being completely oblivious towards something refers to not knowing anything about it.
To weather To weather something means to deal with it.
Showing laxity towards Not showing care and attention towards something.
An act of sabotage To sabotage means to stop something from being successful or useful. An act of sabotage refers to any action you do to prevent something good from happening.
Build onUse something as a base for more success and achievements.
Long lifespan The lifespan is the length of time for which a person or thing exist. If you have a long lifespan, you basically live longer.
Utmost effortsIf you try your utmost, you are doing the best you can to make something great. Utmost effort refers to the best efforts you can make.
Destined to ebb If your power is ebbing, it becomes less. If something is destined to ebb, it will become and less strong and will disappear in the future.
Parallel process Parallel lines have the same distance between them along their length. Here it basically means that both things should be done at the same time with the same effort.
In tandem At the same time. If two groups are working together in tandem, they work closely and perfectly well.
Pandemic If something is pandemic, it exists everywhere with everyone.
The time is nighThe time has come, it is nearly the time for, this is the right time for, etc.
Uncompromising militancyGreat determination that is unlikely to change.




Witty Advice:

The bulk of students correct their sentences while writing. Writing and correcting are two different tasks and must not be done in tandem. Remember that you task is to come up with ideas and if you stop every time to correct yourself, you are committing an act of sabotage! Write, and correct your writing only once you are done.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s conversation. More importantly, we hope you have learned some good expressions and understood their meaning and usage. To ensure you do not forget any of the aforementioned expressions, write 5 sentences using any of the expressions in this conversation. Post the sentences in the comment section of the blog so we can all learn from each other. I will also review and offer suggestions on how to improve them.

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